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Last Updated : 08/07/11

The Bpi ('Bibliothèque publique d'information', or Public Information Library)

The Bpi, located inside the Pompidou Centre in the centre of Paris, makes available to its users a rich and varied array of materials and services, free of charge and highly accessible without any formalities, on the spot and on-line.

Collections and services

The Library contains a range of encyclopaedic collections of materials that include up-to-date documents in every possible format: printed materials, sound and visual documents, digital materials. They give access to knowledge, entertainment and culture, information and lifelong learning, and can be consulted on the spot.

Services for library workers

In the framework of its co-operation activities, the Bpi provides tools for the development of collections, offers professional training and reports on research developments in the field of library science. In the "Profession: Librarian" section, you will find catalogues (of documentary films, digital materials and mobile exhibitions), a selection of markers and studies concerning the users of libraries and reading habits, as well as information about training courses and how to visit the Library.

Also available in this section are the Annual Reports and the organisational chart of the Library.


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