Employment and internships

As a public corporation, the Public Information Library (Bpi) is a national library that comes under the direction of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Directorate of Media and Cultural Industries). It employs mostly civil servants, but also contractual and temporary employees, mainly to receive the public and to re-shelve books and publications.
The Bpi employs 250 permanent employees and 90 temporary employees. The Bpi also sponsors interns all year long.


Permanent employment

The Bpi offers civil service positions and also recruits contract employees for permanent positions. 

Temporary employment

The Bpi relies on temporary employees who replace one another during the year to reinforce the teams of permanent employees in charge of the reception of the public and the re-shelving of the collections. 


Professionals of libraries and documentation centres in the framework of continuing education, students in the framework of their school or university curricula can do an internship at the Bpi.