Public procurment contracts

The Public Information Library conducts its purchasing mainly to provide its readers with a variety of continuously updated versions of the multiple collections of works that it offers (monographs, periodicals, disks…) as well as the quality of their supports (binding, antitheft…).

The second area of public purchases of the Library, in the IT sector, is motivated by its concern for modern communications, not just in terms of the diversity of its digital document sources but also in terms of the technological means of access to information.

The Library also awards contracts to successfully carry out its policy on cultural activities.

Useful information on public procurements is available under the following headings : consultations, aplications and awards

Legal department informations

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Department available from monday to friday (except public holidays) from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 14 pm to 17 pm


The public procurement contracts of the Bpi are available for consultation on-line on several dedicated sites.


All the useful information relative to candidacies as part of public of procurement contracts.


Consult the list of public procurement contracts concluded by the Bpi.