Publications of the Library

The Bpi also has a section for its own publications, “Les éditions de la Bibliothèque”, which displays its many works present on the shelves and freely accessible.


An atypical activity for a library

Since its creation, the Library publishes works which reflect and extend its other activities. Its editorial policy is gradually turning towards the digital, in partnership with OpenEdition.

Two collections are favoured: “Études et recherche” and “Paroles en réseau”.
“Études et Recherche” offers the results of sociological studies and surveys on cultural practises, especially reading and writing…. It also focuses on the effects of technological changes on them.
“Paroles en réseau” reports on study sessions centred on great intellectual figures, on symposia and debates not only on social issues, but also on professional meetings.

Disseminate knowledge

OpenEdition, the portal for electronic resources on the human and social sciences on an international scale, includes four complementary components: OpenEdition Books,, Hypothèses, Calenda.

The Bpi joined the digital publishing platform dedicated to the monographs of OpenEdition Books with the ambition of disseminating knowledge as broadly as possible.

You will find here all the titles of the collections “Études et recherche” and “Paroles en réseau”, as well as new publications.

Latest titles

  • Studies & Research

La bande dessinée : quelle lecture, quelle culture ?

La bande dessinée : quelle lecture quelle culture ? Ouvrage réalisé en partenariat avec le Labex Industries culturelles et création artistique, l’université Paris 13 Nord, la Cité internationale de la...