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The Bpi organises screenings around documentaries and animated films designed to enhance and enrich the permanent collection of films and the National Catalogue of Documentary Films for libraries.
vue générale de la petite salle pendant une projection
Petite salle, Centre Pompidou, photo Cécile Desauziers, Bpi [cc By-NC-ND 2.0]
These screenings also respond to the concern to inform and educate the public, through the discovery of films neglected by the commercial distribution circuits, the cinemas and television stations.
Film series and special event screenings, accompanied by encounters with filmmakers, producers, film critics, teachers and artists, are offered all year long, with highlights such as the festival “Cinéma du réel” and “Le Mois du film documentaire”.
TheCinéma du réel is an international film festival, created by the Bpi. It celebrated its 36th birthday in March 2014. It has become the major annual event for documentary films, the many forms of which the Festival explores.