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Learn foreign languages

English, Spanish and German and also Navajo, Sami or Zulu … Initiations to more than 250 languages or dialects, from the commonest to the rarest are offered in this area.
Apprentissage de langue à la Bpi
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Méthodes de langues

Visitors can also find language learning methods on different types of supports (CD-ROMs, DVDs, CDs and audio cassettes) and e-learning platforms. Educational materials and original versions of foreign films are available, as well as manuals, journals and dictionaries.

Conversation workshops set up

Visitors to the Bpi can also participate in conversation workshops, run by a librarian. Mondays are for English, Wednesdays for Spanish and Thursdays are for Brazilian Portuguese. Another workshop to learn to speak French (French as a Foreign Language) is held on Fridays. Initiations to other languages are also offered.

Televisions of the world

Televisions of the world, neighbours of the Self-study areas, offer 16 television stations for general audiences in different languages (in German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Moroccan Arabic and Portuguese).