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For those who love a special theme (history, society, literature, science, philosophy...), the Bpi offers a collection of edited recordings of debates and conferences to enable you to explore your knowledge in greater detail. 

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Hundreds of interviews with authors, artists and politicians are available. Visitors can find the voice of Martin Luther King, plunge into the speeches of Léon Blum, hear Simone Veil talk about her life, or listen to Gilles Deleuze or Michel Foucault give a lecture…
A collection of over 1,000 texts read in French, English, German, and Spanish make it possible to discover or rediscover many authors in a vibrant and sometimes moving way. Classic or contemporary works of literature are read for you by comedians (Isabelle Huppert, Michaël Lonsdale, Guillaume Gallienne, Denis Lavant...) or by their own authors (Yasmina Reza, René Char, T.S Eliot, Thomas Mann, Pablo Neruda...).