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Temporary exhibitions

Literary creation, graphic arts and cutting-edge publications are the three main themes of exhibitions designed by the Bpi. 
intérieur de l'exposition
Exposition Claude Simon, l'inépuisable chaos du monde ©Bpi/Vinciane Verguethen

Each one offers a scenographic journey around original documents, scenic and multimedia features. This enables visitors to immerse themselves in the world of an author, a writer or an artist, or to retrace the history and views of an epoch or of a publishing adventure.

The Bpi also offers exhibitions that can be accessed on line Éditeurs, les lois du métier (2011), Traits de justice, le dessin d'audience aujourd'hui (2010), Les univers de Jean Gourmelin (2008), Les éditions du Seuil, histoire d'une maison (2007)