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Presentation of the Self-Study area

Learn a foreign language, use the tutorials to teach yourself Computer-Assisted Design and Publication (CAD, CAP) programmes or study for an entrance exam… From the Highway Code to information technology, science, general knowledge and basic skills (calculation, spelling…), all areas of knowledge are represented in the Self-study area.
A ticket that allows you to work on a terminal for one hour can be obtained at the information desk on request.  An unlimited number of documents is available to you in any of the 60 multimedia booths during your study period. Resources are available in the form of Internet websites.

The librarians at the reception desk are there to provide information, answer questions and help out so that visitors find what they are looking for. All the resources available and useful information can be found by remote consultation of our “Self-study” catalogue. It enables you to search by language and also by level of fluency, by theme (business, hotels or medicine, for example) or by support (DVD, on line courses, free web sites on Internet…).

Multiple digital workshops with assistance from professionals to help you to write your CV in order to look for a job are organised regularly. Thematic conferences accompanied by a specific workshop can also help visitors to learn: to design a menu, to learn life-saving skills, to understand labels...