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The Video Game Show

Le Salon Jeu vidéo
Salon Jeux Vidéo de la Bpi - Photo Voyez-vous
Want to play? To challenge friends or immerse yourself in stunning virtual worlds?   At the Video Game Show, visitors to the Bpi have access to game consoles (Kinect, Xbox, PS3…). To play, you just have to reserve on-site for one-hour sessions that you can renew as many times as you want.
From the most popular titles to others that are less well-known, the latest games  are systematically displayed in carousels near the consoles. The  selection is regularly renewed to enable visitors to discover new games.
Because geek culture cannot be summed up in video games, other works are also offered in this Show. Fantasy universes, digital cultures, Z series films, games of all kinds, cult sagas, supernatural creatures and television series are some of the subjects covered in the collection “Geek Cultures”.