Permanent positions

The Bpi regularly offers civil service positions and also recruits contract employees for permanent positions.


Civil servants

To join the Bpi, civil servants who already hold a position in the civil service must send in a request for transfer or secondment if they do not come under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
The different areas of activity represented at the Bpi are the following:
Library sector (curators, librarians, specialised assistant librarians, storekeepers);
Administrative sector (civilian administrators, attachés, administrative secretaries, administrative deputies);
Scientific sector (research officers, documentation secretaries);
Technical and arts and crafts sector (cultural services engineers and technicians, technical deputies for surveillance and reception).
The Public Information Library publishes the index cards of positions vacant or likely to be on its Internet website but also on the site dedicated to social mobility in the public service:
Regarding the staff of the Library sector, positions eligible for transfer are published on the web site POPPEE (managed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research).

Contractual employees

The Public Information Library also recruits contractual employees for permanent positions.