You are school or university students

Do you want to work on your lessons, prepare your supervised personal project (TPE) study for your baccalaureate or other examinations, get information on courses or just relax? Welcome to the Bpi!

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Find information on training, professions and entrance exams

Will you soon complete your studies at school or university? What will you do next? To make it easy to access information on educational or vocational guidance, employment and professional training, a special Training orientation area, in the Library offers documentation on careers, institutes and universities, entrance exams, internships and jobs: Youth Information and Documentation Centre career orientation files - Actuel-CIDJ, ONISEP kiosk of career guides, guides for students, selected web sites…

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Need to take a break during your homework? Want to come to the Library to do something other than study? The Bpi, is also provides areas for relaxation and fun. Discover the Video Game Show and the Graphic Arts Show, two areas on Level 1 of the Library which showcases the cultural habits of young people and highlights the “wrong kinds”: video games, comics, fantasy literature, geek culture, emerging cultures.

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Entering the workforce?

The Orientation Training area makes a number of tools available to inform you on the sectors that are hiring (link to the page) and to help you to find a job (link to the page) : useful guides (CV, cover letters, recruitment tests…), corporate directories, addresses of resource places, selected websites…
Learn how to “Search for openings on Internet and the social networks” and “Job search techniques: CV and cover letter » in our workshops organised by the Library in partnership with the Youth Information and Documentation Centre (CIDJ).

Work part-time at the Bpi! All year long, the library recruits temporary employees to help welcome the public and re-shelve documents. 

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Study for your baccalaureate at the Bpi

Every year, many of you come to study for your baccalaureate. With its programme Objective baccalaureate, the Bpi makes every effort to help you to study efficiently: resources selected for each subject, educational “fact” sheets, collections of exam papers, useful sites…