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How to book your visit at the Bpi?

Do you want to come and work in the spaces of the Bpi? As of the reopening on Monday July 6, you will need to reserve an entrance slot (no time limit) to access the library.
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Following the Covid-19 epidemic - and to guarantee everyone's safety - the Bpi must adapt its reception capacity. The library temporarily sets up a compulsory reservation system to access its spaces: every day you can book for the next day. 

Reservations are required to come between 12 am and 3 pm ​​(between 11 am and 3 pm ​​on weekends). After 3 pm, admission is free, subject to availability.

How does it work?

There are two possibilities for users to reserve their entrance:
• On Affluences' application or website: 

Go to Affluences and book your time slot the day before for the next day: 
- On a smartphone: Users who have a smartphone will have to validate their slot reservation using the QR Code scan functionality of the application. The QR code will be printed on a poster at the start of the queue. When the QR code is scanned, the application then indicates to the user that he is authorized to come inside the Bpi.
- On a computer connected to a printer: Users can go to Affluences' website, book their time slot and print a pass which will be requested at the entrance.

• At the librairy reception desk: 

Users who do not have a smartphone, internet access or a printer will be able to book a time slot each day (subject to availability) at the reception desk at the entrance of the library. The agents give the user a pass which, when they arrive the next day, will present it to the security guard posted at the Bpi's entrance.

Useful tips

remember to cancel if you renounce your reservation in order to make room for another user.

you have 20 minutes to show up from the time of booking. Beyond this period, the slot will be lost and you will no longer be able to enter the Bpi without making a new reservation.

• anticipate your arrival: a waiting time is possible outside, even with a reservation.


Download Affluences' app : 
téléchargez l'application Affluences pour iPhone
Téléchargez l'application Affluences pour Android