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The Bpi offers a choice of 20,000 CD and vinyl records of music. The Music service selects the best of contemporary music, in all styles and from all countries. Visitors can thus choose from among different interpretations of a classical musical work, find the great albums of rock from the 60’s, discover the diversity of Brazilian music, vibrate to the sound of the new electronic scene… The Bpi also pays particular attention to contemporary musical creativity in offering a large collection of experimental music.

Usager de la Bpi jouant au piano
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Constantly updated, the collection of books includes many reference works and covers different areas and musical styles: from Gregorian chants to electronic music, from North-African raï to rap, from opera to musical comedies.

To stay informed on contemporary music, visitors can leaf through magazines: the Bpi has subscriptions to the great music periodicals such as Diapason, Rock and Folk, Tsugi, Jazz Magazine, and also more discreet titles such as Volume! or Wax Poetics.


To refine your searches, two bibliographical websites, International Index to Music Periodicals and the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale, make it possible to explore French and foreign periodicals. The remarkable Grove Dictionary of Music is also available on line in a constantly updated version on the website Oxford Music Online.


Play music


You can also play the piano at the Bpi: two digital pianos are accessible free of charge on reservation at the information desk in the Music area for sessions of one hour. They are equipped with two headsets to enable you to play music for four hands.

The feel of these pianos, very similar to classical acoustic pianos, allows you to freely explore the Bpi’s collection of music scores, to practise scales, to improvise or even to play your own compositions...