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New rules to apply at the Bpi

On July 6, the Bpi reopens its doors. Reception capacity, consultation of collections, hygiene measures to obey... Everything you need to know to come back and work at the library!

New rules and conditions of access

After more than three months being closed, the Bpi is finally reopening its doors, but with a reception capacity reduced to 1,000 people per day, in order to comply with current health regulations. To facilitate your visit, a reservation system is set up via Affluences' website or application. After 3 pm, entry to the Bpi will be completely free, subject to availability, with the risk of waiting.

From the queue, users are asked to respect the distance of one meter between each person. To enter the Bpi, everyone has to wear a mask*! Wearing a mask is compulsory for the entire duration of your stay at the Bpi.

At the entrance of the library, you must wash your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel provided.

 barrier gesture pictograms

In the spaces of the library, make sure you respect the direction of circulation indicated by the marking on the ground, and social distancing (1 meter between people). On the work tables, one chair in two has been removed to guarantee a good distance between users, please do not move them! Computer stations are reserved for documentary research, and will not allow access to social networks. Each user will be asked to clean their computer before each use: wipes are available at the reception offices. Many headphones will be removed, so remember to bring your own! Pen loan will be impossible.

Before and after any contact with documents or equipment (computers, photocopiers, pianos, video games ...) users are asked to wash their hands. Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at all reception desks, as well as at the entrance to the photocopy room, at the entrance to level 3 and at the exit from the passageway at level 2.

The cafeteria will also be closed to the public all summer.

The Bpi takes all possible precautions to allow you to work in complete safety: plexiglass at the reception offices, regular cleaning of the premises, masks and gloves for the librarians ...

Pay attention to the audio announcements and signage in the library, and do not hesitate to solicit us. Thank you in advance for your vigilance so that all health precautions are taken, for the benefit of all!

The 10 important points to remember before coming to the Bpi

• book a daily entrance slot the day before for the next day
• wearing a mask is compulsory during the entire duration of your stay in the library
• wash your hands as soon as you enter the Bpi, before and after handling the documents and using the equipment available at the library (computers, pianos, video games, photocopiers ...)
• respect social distancing and keep one meter away from others in all areas of the library
• respect the flow directions
• computer stations are reserved for documentary research, no free internet access
• clean the computer station before each use. Wipes are available at the reception offices 
• bring your own headphones
• food and open cups are not allowed in the reading areas
• the cafeteria is closed all summer

* except people with disabilities justifying an exemption