Appartient au dossier : Exposition Catherine Meurisse : les visites virtuelles

Virtual tour of the Catherine Meurisse exhibition

Bpi offers you an immersive visit into Catherine Meurisse exhibition (held at the library from september 20 to january 21) thanks to this virtual tour in english.

How does it work ?

• Clic the dots on the floor to move inside the exhibition and access an artwork. Once positioned in front of it, clic and move your mouse to see all around, up and down.
• Clic on the dots near artworks to display artwork in hight resolution as well as information about the work of Catherine Meurisse, videos… 
• The icon at the bottom left displays the complete map of the exhibition
• The icon at the bottom right allows you to see the tour in full screen

French version : click here

Publié le 14/01/2021 - CC BY-SA 4.0