Digital Bpi FAQ

Are you wondering about the operation of the Bpi’s digital collections?

Consult the most frequently asked questions in this section and you will certainly find your answer. Click on the question for the answer to appear.

Otherwise, contact us! We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

What are the digital collections at the Bpi?

The digital collections are more than 90 online sites, usually chargeable but made accessible free of charge for users of the Bpi. These collections deal with many themes and come in the form of articles, ebooks or databases to help you with your studies, your hobbies or your job search.

How do I find the books that interest me?

Two solutions are possible: if you already have a title in mind, it is best to go through the Bpi catalog, looking to see if the desired work is in the “Online documents” column. For a less targeted search or if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the catalogue, you can discover all our collections in the “Digital Collections” section of our website!

How to access it?

All of the Bpi’s electronic resources are accessible in the library spaces from Bpi workstations and, for the most part, from any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, tablet and laptop) via wifi.bpi

Can I access electronic resources to which the library subscribes from home?

Yes ! Some platforms allow remote consultation after creating a personal account or downloading a dedicated application inside the library. Discover these platforms and how to proceed in the section “Remote access“. Most of our collections also offer the possibility of downloading or emailing digital documents to continue reading at home.


What do the pictograms in the instructions mean?

Each pictogram is there to remind you of the different possible ways of accessing the resource: only on the Bpi’s computers, at the Bpi via wifi, from your home, etc.

Go to the user manual page to discover the meaning of the pictograms.


Can I ask the library to purchase a digital book?

If you have any recommendations for us, use the notebooks of the information offices and specify that you are interested in the digital format!

Does the library organize training on these digital resources?

Yes ! Regularly consult the monthly schedule or our agenda under the “Workshops/Digital Culture” headings to keep you up to date!