Access for disabled visitors

Access to the library is distinguished and facilitated according to the type of disability to meet the needs of each person.


Metro: Line 11 Rambuteau stop, Line 1 Hôtel de Ville stop, Line 14 and 7 Châtelet stop

RER: Line A, B and D Châtelet/Les Halles stop


  • Lines 29, 38, 47, 75 Centre Pompidou stop
  • Lines 21, 58, 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 81, 85, 96 Châtelet stop
  • Lines 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 96 Hôtel de Ville stop

Information service on transport accessibility in Ile-de-France: 

  • Telephone: +33 (0)9 70 81 83 85

Car park and reserved parking spaces:
Entrances of rue Beaubourg and Les Halles underground. Exit on the “piazza”. Places are reserved for disabled visitors on levels -2 and -3. Exit by the lifts on rue Saint-Martin, at the top of the “piazza”. Go along rue Saint-Martin then turn left into rue Saint-Merri. The staff entrance is in a recess of the building, to your left.



People with visual impairments, disabilities or people with priority access can use the Center Pompidou staff entrance located at the corner of rue du Renard and rue Saint-Merri, every day the library is open. After 7 p.m., a button located to the left of the entrance door puts you in touch with the staff of the Center Pompidou to allow you access to the building.

From June 29, 2022 to the middle of the third quarter of 2022, the Bpi begins work and moves its entrance to Level 2 of the Centre Pompidou, as does the booths service. Access and service are therefore modified.

plan des files d'accès de la bibliothèque et du Centre Pompidou à partir du 16 juin 2021

Come by foot with the help of the tactile strip

From the outside of the building, a tactile strip begins along the south side of the Centre Pompidou, rue Saint-Merri. This passes through the staff entrance, continues on level 1 along rue Beaubourg, then takes a bend to the left where the entrance to the library used to be. There, the tactile strip leads to the foot of the Centre escalator.

Before the escalators, the tactile strip describes a new bend to the left and serves three elevators: the call button is located about one meter above the ground, on the meshed parts. Then go up to Level 2. Exiting the elevator on Level 2, turn left, the entrance door is located about fifteen meters from the elevators on the left.

Once in the library, you will find the general information desk on your left. From there, our librarians can explain to you how the temporary booths work.

Request an accompaniment

Does the route seem too complicated? You can ask on a member of Bpi staff to accompany you from the staff entrance, for example. You can call our agents during the opening hours of the Bpi on 01 44 78 12 75 or let us know in advance of your arrival by writing an email to the address

Required documents

In accordance with the Centre Pompidou visiting regulations, disabled visitors, and one person accompanying them, benefit from priority and dedicated access, subject to consenting to security checks, on presentation of one of the three following cards:

  • the carte mobilité inclusion (CMI) mobility card,
  • the carte d’invalidité disability card (issued by the MDPH)
  • the carte d’invalidité des pensionnés de guerre (war pensioner’s disability card).

A medical certificate or receipt for applying for a card are not accepted.