Missions and organisation

General missions

The Bibliothèque publique d’information (Bpi) has made its mark as an institution unlike any other from the outset. Its missions are set out in articles two and three of its founding decree of 27 January 1976:

  •  “provide everyone, and as far as possible freely accessible, a continually updated collection of French and foreign documents of general information and current affairs”.
  •  “to constitute a documentary research centre, liaising with other cultural centres, libraries, and establishments.” 
  •  “to take part in the cultural activities of the Centre Georges Pompidou cultural establishment.” 

As a national library, the Bpi also has a major cooperation mission: to promote pooling good practices between French public libraries as well as developing their international representation through different programmes of action.

Operating principles

Since it was established the Bpi has been organised along three main principles:

  • free access: i.e. to be free of charge with emphasis on all that allows the reader to manage their use of the library independently.
  • topical information, thanks to constant monitoring and the collections being continually renewed
  • the search for the most suitable and innovative means to access works and information, including remotely.

The Bpi is attentive to its users, and provides expertise for them in all resources, meeting needs as varied as leisure, continuous learning, preparation for exams, the challenges of everyday life…

photo de christine carrier
Christine Carrier, directrice de la Bibliothèque publique d’information depuis 2014 

Organisational chart

The Bpi has been under the direction of Christine Carrier since July 2014. Four themed departments share the documentary offer, with three support departments and an administrative department managing administrative services.
Three commissions assist the senior management. 

Vue de la future bibliothèque rénovée
Vue de la future bibliothèque rénovée © Canal Architecture

The library under renovation

Since 2010 and the presentation of the “Lire le monde” (Read the world) structure expansion project, the Bibliothèque publique d’information has undertaken a review process for its renovation.

Rayonnages de la Bpi
© Voyez vous


In this section you can consult all the charters currently applied at the library: documentary charter, cultural action charter and Internet use charter. 

Extrait de la couverture du rapport d’activité 2017 de la Bpi

Activity reports

The latest activity reports can be read online and downloaded in PDF format.