Our collections

The Bpi’s collections are acquired along three main lines: encyclopaedias, news and lifelong education.

The library has a full and up-to-date collection of reference literature in all categories that anyone can freely consult on site at no charge, whether for studying, personal interest or leisure.

Over three levels, the library has almost 430,000 documents, on various supports: books, periodicals, journals, maps, films, music CDs, audible documents, partitions, educational software for independent learning, electronic resources.  

The document types, acquisition principles and renewal of these collections are defined in a documentary charter

Classification by category is detailed in the Bpi classification framework

Rayonnages de la Bpi avec livres


367,000 books organised by main categories are freely accessible at the Bpi. Most works are in French, but a large collection of works in foreign languages is also available.

Specialized periodicals

Specialist periodicals complement the collection of books, with a wide range of titles suited to various applications and audiences. 

Press and news

The Bpi is a topical library, offering an extensive collection of national, regional and foreign written current affairs press that can be consulted in the Press Space, in print or digital format.

ordinateur avec une fenetre internet

Electronic resources

Visitors can browse multidisciplinary and continually updated digital resources on the Bpi’s many computer stations: 110 online databases, 31,000 digital books and 6,400 electronic periodicals. A wide selection of websites can be browsed on multimedia computers. The Internet can be used on dedicated computers or via Wi-Fi. 

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The Self-training area provides thousands of documents on all supports: 500 methods learning more than half the 220 languages and dialects covered are provided.

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Audiovisual collections

The Bpi has compiled a documentary film collection in addition to its printed collections. It includes more than 3300 titles, with 200 new titles being added each year. The public can watch a cultural programme of screenings in the Centre Pompidou’s cinema each year.

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Music and audio recordings

The Bpi has many sound recordings or resources related to sound: records, sheet music, books, magazines and films about music are available in the Music space on level 3 of the library.

Young adults culture

Anyone visiting the Bpi can use the Graphics and Video Game lounges, two fun spaces decorated by young graphic designers and graffiti artists.

Carte au niveau 3 de la BPi

Maps and plans

The Bpi map collection enables visitors to look up the topography of a place, go back in time with Cassini maps to see the old streets of Paris, or prepare for a hiking trip…