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Please be aware that it is not possible to save to USB flash drives on the library’s Internet and multimedia workstations.

To keep your working conditions optimum, think to take breaks in the cafeteria…

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Photocopies, printing and reprographics

On level 2 of the Bpi, a photocopy room is available to the public for all printing, photocopying and scanning. A permanence at the local is ensured every day between 2PM and 7PM to help you.

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The cafeteria

A catering area, on level 2 of the Bpi, is open from 12PM. to 5PM. on weekdays and from 12PM to 6PM on weekends. This is the only place in the library where you are allowed to eat.

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Eurêkoi is an online question-answer service, free and open to all, which responds to your requests in less than 72 hours.

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The Affluences website and app communicates in real time the waiting time to enter the library.