Young adults culture

Since December 2013, the Bpi’s New Generation service showcases pop culture in two new spaces on level 1 of the library : the Graphics lounge and the Video Games lounge which highlight young adult culture and feature a leisure and entertainment offer for all: video games, comic books, genre literature, geek culture, urban culture, etc.

Every year New Generation organises Press Start, a festival around the art of video gaming, which aims to promote all forms of video games. Right from when it started, Press Start has aims to explore the professions and economic and commercial structures of one of the most creative and promising industries of the 21st century.

The Graphics lounge

Almost 3000 titles of graphic literature are available today. A rich and varied selection of all kinds of comics, mangas, graphic novels and contemporary comic books.

The Video Games lounge

Salon Jeux Vidéo, Bpi

Do you want to play and challenge your friends, or dive into surprising virtual worlds? The Video Games room has video game consoles for the Bpi public to use (PS4, PS3, Vita, Wii…)