School or university student

You’re looking to work on what you’re covering in class, prepare your supervised personal project, revise for the baccalaureate or other exams, find out about studies or professions or just relax…
Welcome to the Bpi !

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Find out about training, professions, competitive entrance exams

Are you leaving secondary school or finishing university soon? What’s next? To make getting information about academic and careers advice, employment and training easier, the Careers Advice and Training space, on level 1 of the library, provides you with documentation about professions, schools and universities, competitive entrance exams, internships or jobs: Actuel-CIDJ information sheets, Onisep kiosk, Editions l’Etudiant guides, selection of websites…

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Need to take a break from revising? Do you want to come to the library to do something other than studying? The Bpi also has spaces devoted to relaxation and leisure. Check out the Video Games Room and the Graphics room, two spaces on level 1 of the library that showcases the cultural interests of young people and promotes things not considered “bad”: video games, comic books, genre literature, geek culture, developing cultures. 

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Starting your career

The Careers Advice and Training space provides many tools for you to find out about sectors that are recruiting and help you find a job: practical guides (CV, covering letters, recruitment tests…), company directories, addresses of places with resources, selection of websites…

Learn to how to “Look for a job on the Internet and social media” and “Job hunting techniques: CV and covering letter” thanks to workshops organised by the library in partnership with the Centre d’Information et de Documentation Jeunesse (CIDJ) (Information and documentation centre for young people).

Work part-time at the Bpi! The library recruits part-time temporary staff all year to provide extra back-up for welcoming visitors and putting documents back where they belong. 

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Preparing for your baccalaureate at the Bpi

Each year many of you come to the Bpi to get ready to take your baccalaureate. With its Objectif Bac approach, the Bpi helps you to revise efficiently: resources selected for each subject, etc.