Documentary selections and bibliographies

So that visitors can discover the wealth of the Bpi’s collections, throughout the year librarians make selections of documents related to what’s happening in the world or events organised by the Bpi and the Centre Pompidou.

More than 70 selections are proposed every year.

lectrices consultants des ouvrages dans le salon Arts et littérature

Selections on all subjects

These documentary selections are supplemented by selective bibliographies that you can use to find out about things, improve your knowledge or learn more about all sorts of subjects: sustainable development and ecology, history, pop culture, politics, arts, literature…

These documents can be consulted on high tables and shelves near the information desks or in the showcase lounges, which are reading spaces with chairs (Arts & Litterature lounge on level 3 for exemple)

usagers tenant des disques vinyls dans l'espace musique

Currently in the library

To consult the list of our actual documentary selections and where to find them in the library, please click here (french version only)

You can also consult the archives of previous years (french only)