The spaces of the Bpi

The library does everything to help you to find your way in the spaces and carry out your research. 

The 10,000 m² of public spaces spread over three levels are divided into coloured zones which correspond to the main categories of knowledge.
The shelves and workspaces are laid out either side of wide central aisles. 

Finding your way around the library is made easier thanks to plans and information leaflets. They can be found at the entrance to each level, on large orientation panels, as well as in front of each reception desk where you can ask the librarians for help. 

The library offers disabled visitors a range of services to help them access the collections. Particular attention is given to the visually-impaired, who benefit from the use of five spaces fitted with adapted equipment and software, and the assistance of volunteer guides (by appointment).
Other spaces like Independent Learning, Music, the Graphics and Video Games Rooms offer specific services for personalised learning and leisure.

Please be aware: the library does not have rooms reserved for group works.