Cultural offers and mediations

Right from when it was established, the Bibliothèque publique d’information has undertaken to bring culture and access to knowledge for everyone within everyone’s reach, particularly through implementing a rich offer of cultural events, festivals, cultural mediations and valuation of collections.

Photo prise en salle de cinéma
© Marina Zborowski / Bpi

The Cinémathèque du documentaire à la Bpi

Since January 2018, the Bpi has been offering an exceptional program of documentary films every day in the rooms of the Centre Pompidou, offered by La Cinémathèque du documentaire à la Bpi.

©Juliane Goustard/Bpi

Festival Press Start

Each year, Press Start offers conferences, workshops and demonstrations to discover the world of video games through a theme. Objective: promote video games in all their forms.

les meilleurs moment du festival effractions en images
© Hervé Véronèse

Festival Effractions

The Effractions contemporary literature festival, created in 2020, highlights the authors who make literary news and whose works give food for thought on the link between literature and reality. Meetings, round tables, workshops, readings…

usagers visitant une exposition

Cultural events

One of the Bpi’s missions is to develop all forms of cultural action. To best achieve this, the library provides a varied cultural events programme, related to issues the world deals with today: temporary exhibitions, film, debates, meetings, symposiums, masterclasses, performances and readings

usagers assistant à une médiation


The library also has a mediations programme on site to strengthen the relationship between users and librarians, using the resources provided. At the library you can also take part in tours, workshops, advice sessions… or explore the wealth of collections through different types of documents and media with themed selections.

Documentary selections and bibliographies

So that you can discover the wealth of the Bpi’s collections, throughout the year librarians make selections of documents supplemented by selective bibliographies that you can use to find out about things, improve your general knowledge or learn more about all sorts of subjects.