Publications and communication media

The Bpi publications on paper, audio or the Internet form a reflection and extension of its activities. From the library’s agenda to a more in-depth description of certain themes, the Bpi has many tools for users to use.


Monthly program

Every month, the Programme of the Bpi lists all of the cultural offer and appreciations provided by the library. It is available free of charge in the Bpi’s spaces

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To keep up with what’s happening at the Bpi, you can also subscribe to the monthly newsletters of the Bpi’s three sites. They sum up the latest news, focus on specific points and the library’s latest publications.

Numéros de Balises
Numéros de Balises

Balises magazine

The Bpi also provides Balises, a magazine published three times a year. Balises looks at a range of subjects, mainly with connections to the what’s on at the library’s in terms of culture.

Publications et communications

Communication materials

In this section you’ll find the library’s publications and communications materials: brochure, information flyers…

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Bpi publishing

The Bpi also has a publishing house, “Les éditions de la Bibliothèque”, which groups together a large amount of works, available in the self-service shelves.

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With the Replay, you can watch or listen to video or audio recordings of the archives of conferences, debates, interviews or professional study days that have taken place at the Bpi.