The Self-training area, on level 2 of the Bpi, welcomes users looking to learn, use or improve their skills. Many resources are available freely accessible, for sessions lasting one hour, renewable and free of charge.

To discover the offer proposed in the self-training area of the Bpi (equipment, collections, languages ​​available for learning), download our presentation brochure!

Presentation of the Self-training area (PDF, 200ko)

Presentation of the Self-training area

espace autoformation de la Bpi
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Learn a foreign language, learn about management or marketing, follow tutorials to learn how to use office or DTP software, revise for the baccalaureate, TOEIC, TCF or the Highway Code…

Learning a foreign language in the Self-training area

Rayonnages de méthodes de langues à l'espace autoformation de la Bpi
Rayonnages de méthodes de langues à l’espace autoformation de la Bpi © Bpi, 2019

English, Spanish, German but also, Navajo, Sami or Zulu … More than 250 languages or dialects, from the most common to very rare, can be learnt in this space.