Press Start

Each year, the Press Start festival offers conferences, workshops and demonstrations to discover the world of video games through a theme.

Photo de jeunes adultes devant des bornes de l'édition 2018 du festival Press Start
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The festival that explores the world of video games

For several years now, the Bpi has been developing a documentary offer and programming around pop culture and the cultural practices of young adults: video games, comics, digital and urban cultures have their spaces on level 1 of the library. The annual highlight of this approach: the Press Start festival, whose ambition is to promote and raise the status of legitimate culture to video games in the multitude of their forms.

Since its creation, Press Start has also set itself the mission of exploring the trades and economic, commercial and industrial structures of one of the most creative and promising industries of the 21st century, from the biggest blockbusters to independentvideo games. While defending a fun and friendly approach, the festival multiplies game demonstrations, discovery and practice workshops!

Since 2013, Press Start has already explored various themes related to the video game world: history of games, treatment of emotions… In all, more than a hundred meetings with professionals in the sector, several thousand hours of workshops and games , tournaments and game demonstrations have thus been organised, in partnership with the biggest game studios, art schools, cultural institutions and specialized media, for an ever-growing audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Previous editions

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Press Start 2018 : Emotions in video games

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Press Start 2013

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