Visitor sociology

As the Bpi does not keep files of those registered, it regularly carries out qualitative surveys to generate information about the profile, practices and representations of its users. Since 2003 in particular, every three years it carries out a barometric study with its audiences

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The library’s visitors 
2018 Study

The last public survey carried out in April 2018 (general public surveys being triennial at the Bpi) made it possible to question 1,790 people.

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graphique représentant le profil des publics de la Bpi

User profile

With this infographic, discover the profile of users coming to the library: their age, sex, level of study, where they live…

graphique représentant le type de visites à la Bpi

Types of visit

This infographic shows the habits of Bpi users: if they visit alone, every day or less regularly…

graphique présentant les types d'usages à la Bpi

Types of use

Visitor number surveys have enabled us to know what users do at the Bpi: examine documents, use a personal computer or not…