Bpi practical guide

Want to know more about how the library works?

Download the Bpi user guide, consult the internal rules of the library and find information on the safety instructions.

User guide

people consulting the library user guide on a tablet
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To find out more about what the library has to offer, obtain practical information and discover the map of the collections, consult online or download the user guide (PDF file, 200 Ko)

Safety instructions

Please note that:

Casque de moto barré

It is strictly forbidden to bring motorbike and moped helmets into the library. 

Visuel valises interdites

Visitors are not authorised to access to the library with bulky objects, suitcases, backpacks and other bags and luggage exceeding the authorised size (40 cm x 55 cm x 20 cm)

Two bags per visitor are allowed.

Rules and regulations

To see the library’s conditions of use, read the rules and regulations of the spaces in the Bpi.