The Video Games lounge

The Bpi’s video games lounge welcomes you every day to discover the best video games of the moment on PS4, Switch, Xbox 360…

Salon Jeu vidéo de la Bpi
Salon Jeux Vidéo de la Bpi – © Bpi, 2019

Do you want to play, challenge yourself with friends, or immerse yourself in surprising virtual worlds? The Video Games Fair provides the Bpi public with game consoles (PS4, PS3, Vita, Wii U, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). The consoles are freely accessible, but you can also book on site for one-hour sessions, renewable as many times as possible.

From the most popular titles to others less known, the games of the moment are systematically presented in cartels near the consoles. The selection is regularly renewed to allow the public to discover new games. The space is open to everyone, but minors under 12 must be accompanied. From the age of 12, the mediators recall the PEGI standards, the European evaluation system for video games, which notably takes into account the age required to play a game.

Les mercredis du Jeu vidéo (Video game Wednesdays), workshops opened in 2015, allow you to discover some 380 games available at the library: every month, the mediators offer a selection of games on a specific theme, classic or more innovative: Fornite challenge, music, virtual reality… The opportunity to challenge each other with friends, or quite simply to take a playful break while working in the library!

Because geek culture is not limited to video games, books are also offered in this Salon. Fantasy universes, digital cultures, Z films, games of all kinds, cult sagas, supernatural creatures, television series are all subjects covered by the “Geek Cultures” collection.