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The Bpi regularly holds workshops for learning and creativity in such varied activities as foreign languages, job searches, making video and audio recordings, digital technologies and information technology.
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Different workshops

  • Workshops for conversation skills in French as a foreign language (FLE), Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese (anchor)
  • Workshops on looking for a job (anchor)
  • Workshops on digital skills (anchor)
  • Workshops on moving to Paris (anchor)
Other workshops are also held all year long, in relation to special events, meetings, conferences or debates organised at the Library. Visitors can regularly consult the agenda (link to the Agenda) to see the list of the latest workshops!

In Balises, the webmagazine of the Bpi, the public may discover the creations produced by the public (link to the page of creations and reports) during past workshops at the Bpi.

Workshops in French as a foreign language (FLE), in Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese

To practise your knowledge of foreign languages, visitors to the Bpi can participate in our conversation workshops. The Self-Study area offers free conversation workshops, each lasting 75 minutes.

Don’t forget - these conversation workshops led by the librarians of the Bpi are not language courses; they are not designed for beginners, but for people who already have a basic knowledge of the language.

Job search workshops

In partnership with the CIDJ (Youth Information and Documentation Centre), the Bpi offers thematic workshops to respond to requests on how to conduct a job search.

These workshops enable you to learn how to “Look for a job on Internet and on the social networks” and “Job search Techniques: CV, cover letter and interview”.

Consult the agenda regularly for the dates of upcoming job search workshops.

Digital workshops

To get to know the computer better and learn how to use new technologies, workshops are organised and run by two librarians. 

Consult the agenda regularly for the dates of upcoming digital workshops. 

Workshops on moving to Paris

Discover the capital city, go out, find a place to stay, locate medical assistance, find a job… This workshop offers to deal with all the themes of daily life that are essential to surviving in Paris. 
If you are not a Francophone, discover at the Library and elsewhere in Paris ways of learning to speak French.  To avoid the stumbling blocks and make your life easy the workshop “Moving to Paris” is ideal!

Consult the agenda regularly for the dates of upcoming workshops.