Presentation of the Self-training area

Do you want to learn a new language, revise the highway code or train yourself in specific software? The Self-training area covers all skill areas.

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Learn a foreign language, learn about management or marketing, use tutorials to train in office automation or DTP software, prepare for the Bac, the TOEIC, the TCF or the highway code, revise mathematics, l he spelling or general culture…all areas are represented in the Self-training area.

Ask the librarians at the Independent Learning Desk who will be able to advise you, help you choose your method and reserve a session for you in one of the 60 multimedia cubicles in the space.

About 4,000 resources are available, including books, audio CDs, DVDs, free websites and e-learning modules. You’ll find the references by looking through our catalogue at the library or remotely. In addition to the collections, many workshops are organised regularly: conversation workshops, writing workshops, digital workshops, themed workshops on job seeking and work life, but also professional writers to help you write your letters.