The Graphics lounge

At the Bpi graphics lounge, more than 5000 mangas, comics and graphic novels are waiting for you!

Photo Julien Masson / Bpi

Nearly 3000 titles of today’s graphic literature are available. We offer a rich and varied range of comics, mangas, graphic novels and contemporary albums of all genres. Adventure, science fiction, thriller, humour, fantasy, documentary… The collection testifies to the vitality of contemporary editorial production and represents both flagship and popular titles and independent and more confidential editions.

Relaxing novels

The novel also finds its place in the Salon Graphique with 500 titles of “gateway” literature that bring together adolescents and adults in the same reading pleasure. The novels are divided into two categories :

  • The novels of reality deal with the daily reality of young adults and address themes as varied as sexuality, drugs, love or violence. There are also genre fictions such as the adventure novel, the thriller or the chick lit, literature written for young women.  
  • Imaginary novels cover all the subgenres of fantasy, fantasy and science fiction: heroic fantasy, utopia, uchronia, cyberpunk, anticipation, bit-lit. No genre is forgotten to allow everyone to escape.


Questions about sexuality, discrimination, addictions or the family? The Salon Graphique offers books to help in the construction of oneself. Personal questions or social questions, our selection will help users find answers.

For fans of hip hop, street art or skateboarding and other urban sports, the Salon Graphique offers the latest works published on urban and emerging cultures to discover what makes these currents topical.