Cinema : discover the winter program

Cycle Nikolaus Geyrhalter, tributes to William Klein and Jean-Luc Godard, regular meetings: discover the cinema program at the Bpi from January to March 2023

Image du film Exogene de Nikolaus Geyrhalter (© Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion)

This winter, the Cinémathèque du documentaire at the Bpi invites Nikolaus Geyrhalter for a very first complete French retrospective.

Author of 16 feature films, the Austrian filmmaker has made a name for himself through festivals and the presentation in French theaters of two emblematic films, Our Daily Bread and Homo Sapiens. The retrospective will offer a great opportunity to discover this fascinating work, the fruit of 25 years of observation of the world, which records without pathos the impact of human activity on the planet in an ample and contemplative staging. His cinema shows the marvels of human ingenuity, the circulation of men, materials and machines, without hiding anything from the excesses of postmodernity. In touch with the news in all its forms, the work moves away from it to offer a stimulating experience of the gaze and the encounter with a rare filmmaker.

As a counterpoint to this work in progress, three tributes to three great deceased will be a pretext to return to major filmmakers: the Dutch-Peruvian director Heddy Honigmann, the photographer and director William Klein, as well as Jean-Luc Godard whose documentary work, although more confidential, is no less decisive.

We will find this celebration of creators with Les Rencontres d’Images documentaires which will offer a reflection on cinematographic writing, literary writing and their interactions. And like every season, an author or author will come and talk about a film in progress, as part of the La Fabrique des films meeting. It is Hélène Crouzillat who will lend herself to the exercise in February.

Les yeux doc à midi will take us into the meanders of the mind, with films that explore psychoanalysis, psychotherapies and psychiatry and will offer us the opportunity to discover the 4 films in competition for the Prix du public Les yeux doc.

The hot topics will run through the program for this beginning of the year, like a trail of powder, through the Hors pistes festival and its exploration of the theme “Seeing war and making peace” in the company of Chris Marker, Harun Farocki and three Ukrainian filmmakers, Anna Onufriienko, Stanislav Menzelevskyi and Oleksandr Teliuk; Also very burning, the new documentary by Sergei Loznitsa, Natural History of Destruction, will be presented in preview in the presence of the director. War, once again, but seen through the prism of history and the semiotics of images.

This season again, the diversity of the territories covered will be the rule. Du court toujours, the meeting place for short films, will host the Territoires en images festival, while The Ideal Cinematheque of the World’s Suburbs will transport us to Venezuela, on the heights of Caracas. From Finistère to Santiago in Chile, Fenêtre sur festivals will host in turn the Douarnenez Film Festival and the Chilean Fidocs, 70 years of defending documentary cinema between them.

A rich program which, from March 24 to April 2, will give way to the 45th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival, Cinéma du réel.

A whole world to come and discover in the rooms of the Centre Pompidou, to blow out together the first 5 candles of la Cinémathèque du documentaire à la Bpi. In the meantime, do not hesitate to consult the complete program for this winter or download the program in PDF.

Publié le 26/12/2022 - CC BY-SA 4.0