Decipher the media

Throughout the year, the Bpi organises events and cultural appreciation guidance focusing on news and the media, which allow you to get your bearings with what’s happening in the news and develop your analytical mind.

Current affairs workshops

usagers participants à un atelier numérique

The aim of the workshop “Je lis la presse en ligne” (Reading the press online) is to get your bearings in online content and understand the how the press world is changing with the advent of Internet. In particular, those taking part discover the digital press offer available at the library and learn to use new tools like news aggregators or online kiosks.

The aim of the workshop, “Je repère les fake news” (Spotting fake news) is to pick up reflexes to evaluate online information and find out about the tools that help identify fake news.

These two workshops are part of a digital workshops offer that are freely accessible and free of charge.

An Artistic and cultural education offer is also proposed for school audiences, as part of a national mission.

Cultural events

The Bpi’s cultural action is shown through the extend and richness of the events it offers to the public throughout the year, through its international ambition and its innovation to look for new formats to enhance its collections. News is broached in different ways.

Regarding deciphering the media, the “La Fabrique des médias” (Media production) cycle looks at how the media works, the impact of social media on news, and asks what television and radio will look like in the future…

Recordings of cultural events

logo de la webtv de la Bpi


The Web TV/radio gives access to audio and video recordings of cultural events organised by the Bpi.
Among the content offered, the archives of the Reportage, état des lieux (Reportage, the current state of affairs) enables the challenges of today’s journalistic production to be understood and to let personalities from the world of media have their say.

logo du webmagazine Balises

The Bpi webmagazine, Balises, offers a feature to grasp the challenges of reportage and also tackle the question of journalism, related to cultural events.

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