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Delve into almost 1,400 books on the press and journalism, media and news.
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Press news

Numerous themes are covered: Fake news, press freedom, information collection, media and equality, digital and opinion press… Meetings on the media are organised regularly.

Press and media history

The Bpi provides works for you to use that allow the history of national and regional press to be traced back. You can consult the Bibliographie de la presse française politique et d’information générale (1865-1944) as well as works on emblematic national and regional newspapers such as L’Équipe, Libération, Charlie Hebdo, Le Monde, L’Humanité, Le Figaro, Le Dauphiné libéré, Ouest France…
You will also find documents written by and about eminent reporters and journalists like Albert Londres, Françoise Giroud or Edwy Plenel, and not overlooking the general and specialist press archives available on various media including microfilm. You can also find out how the main television channels or radio stations came about, as well as who started them.

Become a journalist

Finally, if you aspire to write articles, guides of the main journalism courses and editorial guides are available. Journalists talk about their profession and the process of producing a newspaper in them.

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