New access to the library !

The library will return to its common entrance with the Centre Pompidou from Wednesday June 29, 2022.

From June 29, 2022, the entrance to the Bpi will be through the common entrance of the Center Pompidou, on Place Georges-Pompidou. The rue Beaubourg entrance will no longer be accessible.

From Place Georges-Pompidou, the public will be directed to the appropriate queue: follow the green line for the Bpi, on the side of the Brancusi workshop. Take this entry if you also come to participate in a workshop or a permanence in the library, or if you come to visit the Chris Ware exhibition.

A yellow line is provided for audiences wishing to attend events (cinema screenings, meetings in the Small Room) and priority audiences (+ 65 years old, pregnant women)

As for people with disabilities, they will still be able to access the Bpi via the staff entrance (corner rue du Renard/rue Saint-Merri).

Access and security checks will be carried out at the entrance. Once in the Centre Pompidou, all you have to do is take the escalators on the left leading to the caterpillar and access Level 2, to enter directly into the heart of the library.

Publié le 21/06/2022 - CC BY-SA 4.0