Watch television

Watch television thanks to Inathèque terminals or the library’s selection of news channels.

The Internet offer

usager sur un poste informatique

On one of the internet stations available for your use in the library or on your smartphone, tablet or laptop connected to the Bpi internet network, you can also watch several news or cultural channels on the Internet:

  • The programmes of France TV.
  • Cultural contents via
  • The Arte Reportage channel, more orientated towards European and International current affairs, provides exclusive programmes, whereas the Arte news channel give access to features, web-reportages or programmes.
  • English news can also be watched over the Internet through, the BBC for example.
  • And many French and international news channels:

The on-site offer : InaTHÈQUE terminals

usager sur une borne inathèque

Consult free of charge part of the Ina audiovisual collections (television, radio and Web media) using two InaTHEQUE terminal installed in the press space on level 2 of the library. 

Each terminal has a “Kiosk” part and an “Ina Collections” part: 

  • The “Kiosk” gives access to the past three months of broadcasts by 11 24-hour news channels (BFM TV, Euronews, France 24, Al Jazeera, BBC World …).
  • The “Ina Collections” have part of the collections available on, i.e. almost 50,000 archive documents, magazines and series, as well as 14,000 websites kept as Legal Deposits.

Ask the librarians at the Press information desk for more information about how these terminals work. 

Recordings of cultural events

Since it was launched in 2006, the WebTV / WebRadio of the Balises webmagazine makes the cultural events organised by the Bpi available to Internet users. These cover diverse subjects: media, ecology, film, literature, science…, with contributions from Mathias Énard, Serge Tisseron, Edgar Morin, Emmanuel Bigand, Riad Sattouf among others… 

Masterclasses, conferences, debates, interviews or professional study days…, more than 650 video recordings and 4000 audio recordings are currently available. The oldest recording is from 1977, but the archive collection really started to be constituted from 2001. More than 50 events are put online each year. These recordings are available through streaming or download from the Balises website, and on the Bpi YouTube channel.

Publié le 30/01/2022 - CC BY-SA 4.0